Before I knew of or met interior designer Dale Eramo, I had already idolized his larger than life presence through his commercial work as the former Merchandising Director for Christian Louboutin; think Saks Fifth Avenue brandshop launch with neon lights and cascading blue teardrop glass chandelier (or) the highly anticipated introduction of Christian Louboutin Beaute with mesmerizing window displays of an imaginary city called Loubiville. Luckily for me, I was introduced to Dale and since then have become friends with the visionaire. While I am now just as drawn to his energy and thirst for life on a personal level, I never take for granted being in the company of such a talented force — my eyes and ears will always sparkle with delight any time he speaks from his creative vision. 

Last Spring I met up with Dale at the home of a personal client; a spacious brooklyn loft with each room denoting a particular, singular personality from the next, while seamlessly forming one cohesive living space with a bold but playful array of patterns and textures in every corner. Check out some of the photos I took which include a few of my favorite moments: the Kelly Wearstler wallpaper anchored in the bedroom, "Blood Sweat and Tears" book by Bruce Weber and Gibson electric guitar on display in the office, the minimalist mixture of a wooden bowl centerpiece on a oversized steel dining table, and pops of floral detail complementing each space. 

Interiors: Dale Eramo
Photography: © Kristin Aytona